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Cycle Stop Valve Model # CSV1W

Price $105.00


Cycle Stop Valve Model # CSV1W

The Cycle Stop Valve is a patented pump control valve that makes a variable flow pump out of any standard, constant speed pump.

Manufacturer: Cycle Stop Valve
Model: CSV1W
Additional Information:

  • The purpose for a Cycle Stop Valve is to protect your pump motor from cycling off and on rapidly which can shorten its life. Cycle Stop Valves not only protect your pump and motor but they also give you constant pressure while the pump is running.
  • Cycle Stop Valve will make your pump exactly match your flow while providing constant pressure
  • Stop destructive on/off cycle every time you use water
  • Cycle Stop Valves have no electronics and work with standard off the shelf pumps
  • Cycle Stop Valves work with much smaller than normal tanks
  • Allow irrigation zones to match the yard, not the pump
  • Conserve water, no need to double up on irrigation zones
  • Eliminate water hammer, noise, and leaks
  • Pump cycling causes the premature destruction of the pump, motor, tank, switches and any other component in the system. A constant pressure valve will eliminate 90% of the cycles which can make a pump system last three to four times the normal life expectancy.


  • 1-25 GPM
  • 1” female NPT thread and 1 1/4" male pipe thread
  • Variable flow with reduced pressure
  • Tank fill rate 1 GPM
  • Suitable for hanging in well casing below pitless adapters or well seals for up to 1000 lbs of pump/pipe weight (Can be submerged with cap/O-ring installed)

Pressure – Temperature:

  • Max temperature: 160 F
  • Max pump shut off head: 400 PSI
  • Pressure factory preset: 60 PSI
  • Pressure adjustable from:  40-100 PSI
  • Max differential pressure: 125 PSI

Visit for easy selection chart, installation instructions, and more specifications on the cycle stop valve.


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